Living With Facial Pain

GPN Pain Relief Regime


I think I cracked the pain code. After years of suffering 12 to be exact, I finally found something that works to manage the pain. As with everyone here, it took 8 years to diagnose. Finally going to the wonderful doctors at U Penn I got an official diagnosis. Surgery is my only way out for true relief but with teenagers and s demanding job the timing is wrong.

I have taken all the standard drugs plus tried opiates. Nothing worked. I began working out more vigorously using a boxers workout schedule which includes heavy bag work, cardio, lifting, etc. That regimen has helped to control the pain too some degree.

Secondarily I have started to use CBD oil regularly. The combination has given me my life back. I take the cbd oil 3x per day. No impairment because it has no THC component.

I have had dull pain 24/7 for a decade along with the periods of debilitating lanciating pain in face, throat and ear. One day I decided to try working out heavily to try to escape the pain and it worked. It gave me some relief. That coupled with CBD has me feeling great.

If I miss working out for even 2 days I feel the pain returning. My doctor has instructed me to do what works until it gets bad enough for surgery.

For now I will forego the hole in the head and stick with my regimen. I hope this helps someone out there. Many times I have been in a dark place when I cannot escape the pain. I feel good and my wife likes the new me.


What you’re saying makes sense as endorphins help the body deal with pain. There are great articles with more detail here: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=endorphins+and+pain+modulation&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart&safe=on

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I walk every day and keep busy but pain remains, which cbd oil has helped you. I’ve tried so many and all they do is make me tired, my pain is constant in one lower tooth, feels like it’s stabbing me. Pain sleeps when I do. So glad your finding relief


Glad to hear you have found a regime that works for you both. I have taken up running and i think it helps me zone out as i have to focus on breathing. i chew gum. I live in uk. what type of CBD oil do you use and do you put it under your tongue? I think i would worry about surgery. i get constant pain on one side at tooth extraction site and radiates to roof palate of mouth and sometime feel like bottom teeth on that side move.


Chewing gum is one of my triggers so I avoid it. I also avoid dairy and caffeine.

I use CBD oil that is pure meaning not cut with anything else. I use it under the tongue 3x a day. It has been a life saver. I used edibles before but they were very inconsistent. I have no cognitive impact which is wonderful. I actually find that now that the pain has lessened I am more focused.

There’s are many different brands but be careful and find a reputable company and make sure it is pure.

Keep up the running. Exercise has saved me. I have always been fit but reducing the dairy, sugar and caffeine, intense exercise and cbd has transformed my life.


Where do you get the cbd oil and is it made from THC or Flax Thank you