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GPN and dizziness/ nausea

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed with TN type 2 two a few years ago and then diagnosed with GPN officially a year ago. Because I’m allergic to most meds that are effective for TN/ GPN, I’m stuck using Neurontin, 900 mg, 3x daily.

I have had a wonderful six months almost pain free, but I’ve started experiencing jabbing in my ear, burning in my teeth, etc. It’s not terrible, probably 4/10 on bad days right now.

Just the past few weeks, though, as the pain has been returning, it seems to be accompanied by nausea and dizziness. Nothing has changed with my meds.

Does anyone else experience this? I’ve learned to cope with the pain fairly well, but the dizziness is throwing me for a loop.


Just looked up neurontin and dizziness is listed as one of the common side effects.

Thanks for responding, TN2much. I can’t imagine that the dizziness would have started after being on this level of Neurontin for 6 months. Or that the dizziness would be intermittent, only coming on the days I’m having pain.

Hi Elivandersys,

I have Bilateral ATN and GPN. I get nausea, dizziness, blurry vision and vertigo sometimes with a flare up. Especially if the pain is around my eye or up the top of my head. Like today…on day three here of a terrible flare. I had a flare up in the spring that caused really bad vertigo to the point that I couldn’t drive. It eventually went away after about a month.

I wish I had some advise for you on how to get rid of it. Nothing seems to work except trying to rest and wait it out. Heating pad, voltaren emugel and advil for migraines sometimes helps a wee bit. Some people do have luck with Triptans, which is a migraine medication. I do have a lot of migraine symptoms with my pain. I also get physio and acupuncture treatments weekly and they usually help quite a bit.

Hang in there. Sorry you are in pain :frowning:


Hi Elivandersys, I have right-side GPN, more ear than throat, that’s occasionally bilateral, plus now, for a year, chronic daily migraine. There was some dispute for a time whether I had GN or GPN. My neuralgia is the boring constant type with peaks of electrical activity and shocks. It was absolutely relentless. I’ve had a failed MVD. I feel like I’ve tried every drug known to human kind. I too experience dizziness with the neuralgia and periodic nausea with the migraine. I did read an article about GPN of late that suggested that, because of some interface between the 5th and 10th cranial nerves, a sort of TN migraine can be precipitated. Having bored you with all that, I’ve come off all my old meds and I am now on Paxam/Clonazepam. It’s a bloody miracle. Better than all the terrible epilepsy meds, Neurontin, morphine, the works. Stops the dizziness too. Doesn’t unfortunately kill the migraine. And now I can’t believe I tolerated that much pain for 8 years. Pain management specialist said that he generally prescribed it to end stage facial cancer patients. I could kiss his feet. Time for another drug perhaps? Sorry you are suffering. x

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