Good Neurologist NYC

Can anyone recommend a good neurologist in NYC or Rockland County/Westchester that is well versed in Type 2 TN?


He is a neurosurgeon, but Dr. Jeffrey Brown in Long Island is an expert in TN in all it’s forms. He has done all three of my surgeries, and even though I had to travel from. Georgia to see hm, I wouldn’t see anyone else.
Best of luck to you!

I also have ATN. I was told there is no surgical that is helpful for type 2. While your thinking hats are on, Anyone know a neuro in the Finger Lakes area of NY state that knows how to treat ATN?? I have found that if you call them, they all say that can. You get to the appt and they don't have another single person with ATN. very expensive waste of time. Want someone experienced./meaning that they have at least 2 other patients that they treat somewhat successfully.

Thanks everyone.

I have bilateral ATN. The boring burning pain on my right was intermittent for almost ten years, with the shocks starting about 1year before I had MVD on that side. While the MVD stopped the shocking, the TN2 pain remained, probably due to the fact that the nerve was too damaged.Dr.Brown implanted a peripheral nerve stimulator, which manages my pain very well.
I had MVD on the left side, which also had both the burning boring pain and the shocks, but only for a year before surgery. That procedure was completely successful, and I no longer take any meds.
The majority of Dr. Brown’s patients have TN and he is a leading expert in the treatment of this terrible disorder. While he is not in your immediate area, it may be worth it to you to make a trip to see him. I traveled from Georgia to NY , and would do it all over again.
Best of luck to you!

Thank you Christine. I'm going to make an appointment to see Dr. Brown asap.