Good article on eye pain

I found this article helpful for those of us struggling with eye pain and no clear diagnoses like me;

For instance I had a CSF leak in my dura located in my thoracic spine
that was repaired 2 years ago. The surgeon thought the eye pain I am having had nothing to do with my condition but I just found this quote from a neuro-opth in this story:

“I would first approach eye pain anatomically,” said Dr. Digre. “The eye has rich trigeminal innervation and the trigeminal system is huge, with the first division radiating to the eye. Because this first division also innervates the dura, a dural problem may present as eye pain.”

These conditions are so complex. Tomorrow I go to a corneal specialist and will mention this to see what she thinks.

Wow, DryEye very interesting.

My TN has been active for around 3 yrs, but until last fall it never took me "out of commission." It was more of a very very painful TMJ. In Oct I had a VERY bad fall on concrete, next to a gas pump. I broke one wrist and bruised my femurs up under the kneecaps. It jarred me so bad it took months to begin to feel better, but has left me with constant dizzy/spacial perception problems.

I've had a cat scan & also saw a Opthalmologist. Nothing significant found, but all felt it to be a vestibular issue. I must take motion sickness medicine daily in order to function.

The fall increased my TN to an extreme level. Anyway, to get to my point, I previously had 3 exstensive surgeries to my head/neck, and lower back. Was told never to ride a horse, roller coaster, etc. But, I think that fall was like getting thrown off of both & I have been wondering about the possibility of a CSF leak.

Thanks for your post. Looking forward to hearing about your specialist mtg tomorrow. Good luck!