Going to the Neurologist today for the one-month re-check!

Since being dx’d with TN six weeks ago, CJ is doing much better! He got up to 800 mg of tegretol, and the side effects were way too severe so he’s been back down to 600mg ever since, and doing well. He has put on some weight, which I hear is common, but he needs new pants, LOL! And he’s tired all the time, and sweats a LOT!

Even though it’s been longer than one month (schedule conflicts) he goes back to the neuro doc for his one month re-check today. Not sure what to expect, really. Will they keep him on the meds? Will they titrate back down? We’ll see, I guess!
Danielle (the wife!)

I am also new to this, but I am pleased that he is doing so well! So he’s been able to teach with no problems so far? (He’s having his one month check up and I FINALLY got in to see the neurologist yesterday! That comes from living in a rural area and not in the Cities I guess.)