Going to the Dentist

Has anyone ever gone to the dentist since being diagnosed with TN?

I have had TN for 4 1/2 years and haven't gone to the dentist since I had my first pain. I now have a cavity and want to get it fixed and get my teeth cleaned or something but rarly open my mouth, even to speak and think it will be very painful, however, I was wondering if anyone has been put to sleep for the work or something so you wouldn't have to experience the pain? I am concerned about the aftermath of having my mouth open for that long and if it is going to cause me more pain once I am awake. I don't want my teeth to fall out but I am scared about the possible pain it may cause. Anyone have experiences going to the dentist since being diagnosed with or suffering from TN?


Hi Michaela,
I haven’t heard from you in awhile. I saw you online but you didn’t join chat. I hoped you were doing better. I need a crown but I am too scared to go to the dentist. I have had cleanings but I have had to reschedule this last one because of the pain I was in. I have seen posts about dental work and the kind of shots that should be used. Call your dentist or go by and talk to the technician and she can talk to him.

I finally went to the dentist last year and had them put me out totally - needed a cleaning and a couple cavities filled so couldn’t put it off any longer. The sedation bit is awesome - I woke up and everything was fine. No new pain was triggered.

Definitely make sure that the dentist you are seeing knows what TN is…that is the most important thing. I had a rhizotomy 7 years ago, pain free, just facial numbness now. About a month ago was my first time back to the dentist, doesn’t that sound horrible…it’s been that long since I had the courage to go…but that is how my TN started, or so I thought, with a toothache. In any event, I now see an oral surgeon, who is going to put me out to have a tooth pulled. I had a major anxiety attack last month in the dental chair just for an examination & cleaning & so my dentist just doesn’t want to take that chance! TN is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of. Do what you have to do to be most comfortable…but mostly take care of yourself.

Since my ‘toothache’…I went 3 years fearing, though I kept constant consults with ALL my healthcare providers.
BRUSH? FLOSS? SWISH? I still take an hour to trim my face!
They all approved Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, which I can drool.
Dental check 2 months ago - ‘look ma, 1 cavity’ - to be filled 11/17 at 9:30AM, but who’s counting?
You DO NOT want an abscessed tooth. bob