Glycerol rhizotomy nerve block when does it work?

Dear All,

My TN came back after 2 years of remission when i developed a chest infection in sept 2010, the TN attacks came with full force and lasted 8 weeks, in that time the only thing that worked eventually after weeks of trying were a very high dose of tegratol and pregabalin. i have only been pain free for about a month and as the meds were making me drowsy i was given tegratol retard. i suddenly started getting small twitches now and again, not an attack just a twitch in the same area of my jaw, short electric ones. If get them if i was talking, brushing my teeth or eating. I was convinced that I was going to have an attack again and begged my consultant for help, he put me in for a nerve block which I have now had. I have lost partial feeling in my face around the lips and eye but the twitches have not gone :(

im now on oxycamazapine and pregabalin as i was on oxycamazapine, pregabalin, lamotragibe and tegratol at the same time which my neurosurgeon was very unhappy about.

someone please help me, i dont know what to do to stop these short split second like this my TN?

Hi Nadeem

I'm so sorry that procedure didn't work. Yes it's from your TN. Its shocking to hear you've even lost sensation in places. Have you lost the ability to smile? If so, they may have treated the wrong nerve. I am told the nerves for facial movement and nerves for sensation were different, so that might give you an idea of why you are still twitching, if there's any facial paralysis.

Hi…I just thought I would throw in my two cents. When I tried oxycarbamazepin…it did nothing for me…not even one little bit. The only thing that works is just plain carbamazepine…just for me anyway.

dear both,

thank you for replying to my thread. I have lost sensation in my top part of jaw teeth and opart of my face, i think maybe they got the wrong nerve as my bottom jaw was the trouble one.. went to see a nuro surgeon today and said i want mvd,... he told me they cannot find a vascular loop :(

glycerol is a caustic chemical, which when injected, can spill over or spread to other areas not intended to be treated.