Glycerol injection

Hi all, I had a glycerol injection under anaesthetic on Tuesday. Now day 4 post op and in a lot of pain. Was warned pain could be worse after the procedure but didn’t expect this level of pain. Can I expect this to ease soon?


Don't get disheartened too soon these procedures can take some time, before things settle, 'fiddle' with an area of inflammation it can aggravate it initially. Exercise a bit of patience, and try and relax, give yourself the best chance to heal.

Wishing you well.

Things slowly getting better though not sure if it is the procedure or various new things I am trying. Looking forward to my first acupuncture session on 30 Dec, reading and hearing a lot of positive stories with acupuncture!!

Pain free wishes to you all x

Yes, I had one a while back in I was feeling better from the injection in about a week.

How are you feeling now?

Hello sorry I haven't been online, I have had another more serious diagnosis that I am dealing with as now have Breast Cancer. Fortunately though my TN is behaving very nicely and something has worked, whether it was the neuro procedure, acupuncture or just a dormant spell but I am very grateful to not have to deal with TN right now on top of everything else! Hope you are doing well. Pain free wishes to you all xx

I am sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis :-( One thing is certain though, breast cancer can be fought and cured. Many women become cancer free everyday. Stay strong! And thank goodness your TN is in check while dealing with this! How wonderful is that!! Keep us posted.

Thank you Juliette, you are right it can indeed be fought and this is my focus for now. Just hope that my TN continues to behave to help me through the following year of treatment!