Give up

I have given up the will to continie fighting. I want to rest. I wish I could sleep and never wake up.

I understand how you feel. Please dont give up you have a purpose

Hello Ed. We all have dark days where we feel the same way. I hope each day brings a better understanding of TN be it family members or the doctors. Please keep fighting this. If you need to speak to someone please seek professional help in your country. Take care. Mary

Dear Ed, please do not give up. There has to be something that you haven’t tried. Remember that everyone is different and something that works for me may not work for you. Change things up. Maybe add gabapentine to your current medication. I believe there is a “cocktail” out there that will work for you. You are valued, you are loved. Please believe in yourself, try to eliminate stress levels and look forward to tomorrow. Take Care, Teddy

Dear Ed,

Please do not give up. We understand you pain and your frustration. We are going through the same. There's got to be something. Have you tried acupuncture? There are lidocaine/capsaicine patches and ointments. For some of us oxigen therapies and ultrasound has worked. What happened with Tegretol? How many mgs are you taking? If you have TN1, this usually does help most of the times. Maybe you have ATN? There are some other medications that can provide relief. Sometimes you can block the nerve. Even for some days it gives you some relief. The most important is that you consult with your doctor first, because all of us are different and what is good for me, maybe isn't for you...

Go to someone in your family or a friend. I'm sure there are also support lines in your country as well. Go to a psychologist, talk to someone. Do not give up. You are part of us and it is important for us that you hang in there.

There's always hope. There's a webpage in your country:

Did you contact them?

Big hug, Mara

Please Ed don't give up you will find the help you need!

Ed, many of us have days where we are tired and need a minute just for us. Always take the time for you when you feel tired, but always remember tomorrow is different. This is an exhausting disease and we are all here to support each other. Hold on, you are strong.



How are you doing today? Been praying for you! I had a rough week last two weeks but it’s calming a bit this week. Looking forward to next week! Hopefully it’s a bit better. I say, one day, hour or minute at a time. I hope your day is better than yesterday. Will keep praying!!!

Ed I felt the EXACT way you did and all I can tell you is DO NOT STOP FIGHTING. keep fighting keep asking, searching I promise you will find a Dr that can help you with meds…Imyself would even read about medications on here and ask my Dr myself if I could try it. There are better days ahead. I PROMISE

Ed, how are you today? Its been about a month since your post. I think that with this condition that keeps us isolated, continually in pain, and depressed, it's easy to feel like resting and never wanting to wake up and do it all over again the next day. If you find a good neurologist, you can have great communication and push for constantly trying different meds and approaches until something helps for a while.

This is what I do...

Just make it through the next 15 mins.

What will you do? Can you have a podcast, show, movie in the background? Maybe adult coloring books, some sort of art, petting an animal? Sitting in a dark room with only thoughts isn't going to be helpful. Once you have finished those 15 mins- go for 15 more. Days feel very long and a short goal for me works much better. Just know that you affect more lives than you can ever imagine. You can deal with the dark thoughts, they are something you can actually control.

Please know that I have been in the exact same place as you. Often many times in a week. Please stay strong.


Unfortunately, I'm right with you, but please push forward. I'm sure their are many that would miss you. Joy is your strength so watch something to make you laugh and cheer you up.


I felt like this for 6 straight months i wanted to die rather then live with the horrendous pain! I had to moved back in with my parents and that in itself was depressing at age 30 but i had one chance left my nortriptyline the last dr visit i had and i was scardd to take it after what happmed to me with the anti sez drugs. My dad came in my room and told me come on this is it he was angry and frustrated for me. I took the pill the pill im still on today 4 years later that gave me my life back as much as possible. Very grateful every day i dont have pain. Dont give up! Try this pill if you havnt it also helps with anxiety and depression all in one.


I myself have been in unrelenting throbbing pain in the last couple weeks. It hurt for me to even read because any light was a trigger. Self care was getting harder but now with increased dosage of Lyrica I have a bit more hope though I still have the throbbing pain. It's less severe though. I'm scheduled to see a neurosurgeon as well. I also have multiple other serious health issues. Ed, when I'm in bed immobile, my thoughts do get dark, but I refuse to give in to the pain. Please, hold on. I will keep you in my prayers.

Hi Ed,

I feel the same way as you do, but don't give up. I am in continuous pain for last 15 days but still i have not given up. I have not got a doctor who understands my situation. I just live to live, but I request you not to give up, for your family, friends and loved ones.

Will keep you in my prayers.

I'm on Lyrica. I'm only at about 8 days full dosage of 150mg 3 times a day. How many Mg are you having?

Please try to get back to me soon.

I,m on Lyrica.

Only at full dosage for approx. 8 days. 150mg 3 times a day.

hopefulforecure How many MG are you on.