Give me strength

So after being in agony all over bank holiday weekend I finally manage to get an appointment…a phone consultation with an advanced nurse practitioner. She basically didn’t seem to know what she was on about. Told me I can’t go over 600mg carbamazepine I’m on now because the max dose is 800mg…which I kindly corrected her it is 1600mg but she was having none of it. Also I suggested some of the drugs that others are on with their tegretol but again she was having none of it. Told me to try my amitriptyline at night again even though I told her I tried it months ago and it never worked. Then she suggested that really I need to book an appointment and come in to talk so they can check its not my ears or a tooth or anything else. I told her straight that I have been in many times for gps to check me and that my neurologist and A and E have checked me and all agreed it is neuralgia. Also I phoned up for a doctors appointment in the first place but instead got lumbered with a phone call with a nurse…not my fault! In the end she said she doesn’t know what to do so she will speak to a doctor and call me back later. This is just what I wanted from my health professionals after a long weekend of no sleep and constant pain!!

Sorry, Elle,

This consult was not helpful for. You truly need a knowledgeable doctor in order to get some relief. Hang in there and keep standing up for yourself. For this particular neuralgia, we must be our own advocates.

Amitriptyline does seem to work for me, but it took a couple of weeks for me to notice the difference. Keeping a pain log is very helpful, not only for you, but to bring to doctor appointments.

Stay the course; you will find relief.


There is not much worse than being sleep deprived when you are in pain. My doctor gives me Ambien for nights that I desperately need it.