Give me Hope09 from Texas


Hello and welcome to Living With Facial Pain!

I am sorry to hear about the difficult experience you have been going through. Having all those symptoms come out of nowhere must have been a shock and very challenging to cope with.

I notice that you have been doing a lot of reading on our site and I hope that it has been able to provide you with lots of useful information. Additionally, I suggest that you also start getting involved in the conversations, to feel closer connected to the community. I think you will appreciate expanding your circle of support to also include our terrific members - alongside your wonderful family!

While there is not much we can do physically, we will all try our best to support you on your road to recovery, so I hope that you feel you will always have this community available to you - whenever you feel the need to ask questions or seek emotional support.

I wish you the best and encourage you to contact me if there is anything you need!


Thank you. Knowing that others out there understand gives me hope for a better day in those times (which is daily these days) when I don’t know what to do anymore to calm this awful pain.

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I live in Texas too. I had MVD with Dr Dong Kim. He is Chairman at Memorial Herman. He is the best. Message me and we can visit. God bless.