Getting stabbing pain on the crown of head

Hello All,

I have had pain in a new place the crown of my head,i feel a sharp stabbing pain when i touch my hair or move one hair.

Dose anyone have this same pain,its driveing me up the wall and i seem to have it all the time not only when i have a flare up.

The pain is the same as when i have a flare up but i have never had it before and i hope it dosent stay i cant wash or brush my hair without being in alot of pain to the point of feeling sick.

Would love to hear from anyone that has this same pain or would know of what this may be???

Thanx Mina xxx

Heya Mina,

I totally have that pain too :frowning: and you’re right - but it’s one of many of my pains that doesn’t just flare up and go away… For me, it can last hours if not days. After this last PRF treatment that did my left side, I got really concerned because that pain on the crown of my head plus inside my left temple, just wouldn’t leave me at all. It’s now been there constantly for over a week, and I need to talk to my dr about it asap. I’ve just been worried about what he’s gonna say.

I did my own research digging further into the PRF and looking for online data to corroborate potential damage that may be inadvertently caused by same procedure. All I have found is that the gasserion ganglion (that’s what they zap with the electrodes) is located basically in meckels’ cave - the area that is the temple.

My first PRF on the right side, I also had post op pain - but it didn’t last this long and wasn’t located solely in the temple. I can’t brush my hair in that area at all, not helped by the fact that my hair normally nice and curly, now looks like a fuzz ball similar to that of Albert Einstein :frowning: I desperately need to get it cut off - but am afraid of having an attack during the haircut.

I honestly can’t tell you what causing it - for me I’ve learnt no answers, my dr’s are frustrating to that point, they just um and ah and make notes in my file. They don’t say anything except that it’s a potential trigger zone for TN. Doh! Seriously, like I hadn’t guessed that part already. I’m sorry I can’t give you answers, but totally sympathise with the pain you’re feeling. I’ve been in another nasty attack now for the past 5 hours and I just want to go to sleep. It’s nearly 5 am :frowning: meds aren’t helping that much so been using heat pack constantly for 2 hours and it’s “lessened” slightly.

Wishing us both some pain free days Mina ~ Hugs and peaceful thoughts your way!

Cheers ~ Kerry xx

Hi Kerry,
sorryt i didnt get bak to u sooner that sounds so painful,im glad my pain has stoped for now lol i have so many diffrent pains going on i dont know whats going on but i will get thru it i hope u takecare care and are pain free today.
mina xxx

i recently got pain on the top of my head and lower neck…sorry let me first say i have had bi-lateral tn for 45 yrs and i have all symptoms so i dont fit a catagory …but i now have this pain it lasted 5 days straight before letting up i found something that seemed to match it on here called occipital nuralgia i am guessing because it was so precise as to where the pain was that it may be that however i am not sure if tn can evolve into other forms of tn and my doc had no answers for me she had never even heard of it (time for new doc) but it really did seem to match it i would look that up i have not had an attack like that since the last one thank god but had nasty one in my jaw all day today. im not sure if im the norm or not started with tn on left after first yr went bi-lateral now having it on both sides and in head and neck i just seem to be on a steady downward slope does tn do this just continuously go downhill? sorry i think i may have added more ?'s then answers but i would look into the occipital neuralgia ( i think thats how it was spelled lol)

lol sorry had tn for 5 yrs not 45 im only 32 yrs old lol

Hi Stacey,
ok i will look at it i have read up on it before,yes i think u do need a new doctor for sure lol anyway hunni takecare Mina xxx

I have been getting sharp pain on the top of my head also. Hurts to brush my hair. Have had TN for 5 years now.

Mine flares up mainly if I talk alot or in a breeze/fan. Then I get sharp pains in my upper teeth and eye. I am on gabapentin(neurotin) for my nerve problem in my back which I take at night. It helps me sleep at least. I feel like the neuro. doesn’t want to help me anymore. I am glad to have this site for some help and comfort. Thanks to everyone.

Before my MVD in 2009, I had pain in the hair roots of my bangs, the only thing that helped was holding my head under the shower...up to four times a day. Then just as suddenly as it appeared, it went away. I hadn't even told my Dr. about it when I had my surgery because it had been so long ago and there was worse pain to focus on. But now, 2 1/2 yrs later I'm getting pain at the crown of the end (back side of my part). I've also started having electrical pain in my cheek...I think from the cold weather.