Generic neurontin and Tegretol-are they the same as name brand

Are the generic neurontin and tegretol the same as generic? I’ve heard different views on this? Can tegretol put you in remission?

Generics should be the same.Carbamazepine (tegretol) never put me in remission.Just made the fierce pain and attacks a bit more tolerable.

A generic name for a medication is always the same e.g Carbamazeprine. A brand name for a medication is the name that different companies call the medication e.g Tegretol is the brand name for Carbamazeprine. Tegretol can reduce the pain and induce a remission. I have been taking Tegretol slow release for 11yrs and had a 1 year full remission but lots of years with greatly reduced pain until a major flare from this summer.

Gabapentin is the generic name and neurontin is the brand name. I took Gapabentin with a high dose of Tegretol but I was very tired and clumsy with the combination. My hands had tremors and I dropped plates etc. But these medications affect everyone differently. I hope this helps.