Gamma Ray

Three months after Gamma op my husband who up until this point walked 5 miles a day, overnight started to have problems with balance and walking and extreme fatigue. Three years on he has constant burning,crawling sensations under skin in face and head, problems with eyes, dribbling, lack of feeling in right side of face, extreme fatigue and awful temper episodes. He wakes up angry and his moods do not lift. It breaks my heart to see him like this. 18 months ago he was diagnosed with ALS only to be told six months later he was misdiagnosed and that the cause of his problems was nerve damage due to Gamma knife op. The consultants constantly repeating that he knew the risks and there was nothing further that they could do and he was u girtunate to be one in thousands who has had every side affect possible, and he would have to live with it. Sometimes he is suicidal and does not want to wake up. He now believes he was better of with the pain brcause he did have periods pain free where as it is now constant. The only medication he takes is Gabapentin. The Neuro consultants at the hospital have discharged him. Has anyone else suffered like this.
Thank you.

Wow. I am so sorry to read this. I had GK on March 3 and haven't had any bad results, although still occasionally have pain.

I am sure you will be ok CindyLou. We were told by the consultants that it is most unusual for anyone to have the range of side affects that my husband has had. I wish you well for the future, it is an horrendous illness. Georgina xx