Gamma Knife This Morning

So I went for my gamma knife this morning, they screwed the box onto my head. Whoever tells you the numbing shots don’t hurt is lying! I cried after every one was injected. They got the box all on and positioned and everyone was feeling great UNTIL… I suffered a 14 minute long Grand Mals seizure. When I came to I was confused why nobody knew what I was talking about since in my mind I’d been on a great adventure to try to save myself. Clearly nobody else saw or experienced my adventure. What they saw a was w
Someone completely tensed up and jerking around trying to speak. It can’t have been pretty. The nurses said the gave me so much Ativan they were amazed I could still speak. What anightmare. I now have to reschedule the surgery for when an anesthesiologist canbe present. Honestly if I have the option now, just knock me out. Nobody could have possibly known that was going to happen though. I’m pretty scared shiteless (excuse my language. For all you young folks who have probably already heard that and way worse on the Internet) and I have to bandaids covering to very large oozy lumps on my forehead that are probably going to REALLLY hurt once the numbing shots from hell wear off. I’m struggling with keeping my eyes open right now. I guess the combo of waking up at 3:00am and having a seizure with a box drilled onto your had can do that to a girl.

Oh by the way HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY TO ME! My birthday is tomorrow and this was supposed to be my big pain free birthday resent. EPIC FAIL.

See Attached Photo And Feel My Miesery
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Oh how awful, so sorry things didn’t go to plan (talk about an understatement).
Hope you are not in too much pain, time to put your feet up on the lounge and watch a girly movie.
Happy birthday for tomorrow, hope the day brings a little happiness.

Gentle healing hugs.

Oh holy hell, Heather, this is really distressing and disappointing news. No wonder you are scared sh*tless. Two failed MVDs and now this.

Let’s hope that this is the end of your bad news and that tomorrow, your birthday, is the beginning of something better.
(((((((((((((((((((big big big hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))

Thank you everyone! I have have found it increasingly harder to read the site from my phone (which is where I almost everrything) because my vision is becoming more and more blurred from medications. I hear flitters in the wind that I may be getting an iPad mini for my bd. I would be STOKED to use that instead. You will probay hear from me so much it’ll be annoying!!!

Fingers crossed that the flutters in the wind are spot on. The small phone screen is not the best for you these days. Too hard on your brain. Too much squinting. The last thing you need to be worried about is being annoying. We all have the choice here of whether or not we click on a discussion. I get worried when you are silent for too long. Being chatty gives you something positive to focus on:-)

So sorry!!

(((( heather )))),
I’m so sorry… I’m sending you huge gentle soothing hugs and all the positive energy I can muster!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy ( tomorrow)!!!
Hoping you’re able to feel well enough to celebrate and that things turn around for you, I know they will! They have too! That’s that!
I love my mini iPad btw, it has allowed me to keep connected to the world while I’ve been a prisoner in my home.
Thinking of you sweetie, take good care of you.
Mimi xx

Sorry girl. Better luck next time! ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

OMG - you are a FAR more brave woman than I - to have that done to you and awake -- I know that nobody hopes for seizures - but probably a good thing your mind and body got a few minutes apart on that one!!! OHHHH sleep well !!!