Gamma Knife or MVD

Hi, I'm new here. I've been living with TN for quite a few years now. Been to two neurologists and tried all of the usual meds but they make me so "out there" and really mess with my vision. Has the vision thing happened to anybody else. I'm desperate to get off meds so am trying to decide whether to do Gamma Knife or MVD. I thought MVD was permanent but not after reading some blogs today. Nay thoughts on the subject?

I did gamma knife first and it just damaged the nerve worse. They don't tell you all of this. Then I had MVD, and now I have AD. Suffer daily with pain that can not be helped. It all sucks.


I had MVD first. The relief from pain was immediate. Unfortunately it only lasted 18 months. The pain came back with a vengeance. I had gamma knife in Boston this past December. I am mostly pain free. When I have episodes of pain at least they can be managed easily with oxacarbazepine. I am not out of the woods but at least I do not have that crazy pain. Hope this helps some. Dr. Wu at Tufts in Boston is wonderful. All the best, Sergio

I first had Gamma Knife Surgery eight years ago at UPMC in Pittsburgh. I have been totally pain free without any side affects. Feb 2015 my TN pain came back. I elected to have the same procedure on Feb 18. I am on 1200 mg of Trileptal until the three month period after the procedure. I am hopeful that the pain with go away again.