Gamma Knife hope!?!?

6 Days past Gamma Knife surgery and my pain is at its worst. After 5 years of Type 2 TN, I have noticed cycles. Sometimes I have little pain and life is so good. But when it's bad, the pain becomes my jailor. I get episodes of pain in one area or another that feels like a steady stabbing pain. I use ice packs on the area to help ease the pain. Often, while icing one area, another area od pain pops up. Somethings trigger pain but more often than not, I can find no correlation. These episodes may be accompanied by very sharp stabbing pain much worse than the steady pain. All of it leaves me praying for the pain to just STOP!

I had the Gamma Knife to reduce the pain and cut back on the meds. 2400 mg of Gabapentin/day I believe makes me spacey at work where I have to remember a great deal of information. I am so tired of missing life events because of this pain.