Gabapentin Fog

I've been on the same 1500 mg of Gabapentin since 5/09, but I'm feeling more exhausted in the morning. Especially two hours after I take the medicine, it seems it takes longer for th side effects to wear off. It's as if I'm in a fog. The doctor's office said it's not the Gamma Knife side effects, but perhaps prolonged effects of the medicine. It's so hard to work with this medicine, & I know a lot of people do it everyday. It's just getting old for me. It is a relief though to write this.

Thank you for your support. You are so strong to be on all that medicine. Does it seem like the longer you’re on the medicine, the stronger the medicine becomes in your system? I would’ve thought the opposite. I remember being on Keppra for my ulnar neurapathy, that’s some strong stuff. I’ll never forget the name. Thank you for the comment, it helps immensely.

James, thank you so much for your comment. I think patients of TN offer so much guidance & support over a doctor because they know what it’s like. I hope that it disappears for all of us. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Hi Julie,
I know how difficult it is to get to work. My problem is also getting there on time. I may be having a gabapentin fog because I am confused and have memory problems. I take 3600 mg of gabepentin and have been for about 17 mths. This past week I have been thinking about retiring. It is getting hard for me to function. And I am concerned about my work performance. But my problem could be the trileptal since I have increased it.
Liz K.

Julie, I hope you have a good day today :slight_smile:

Blessings, Melodye


Thank you. I hope your week is going well, & your feeling better each day. I remember reading on the UCLA website a patient’s blog about not picking up objects after the MVD surgery. I think your are an inspiration.

No, I’m only on 15oomg a day, & of course they want to up the dosage more. Oh heavens, that is so much medicine James. I’m sorry to hear that you have to take that much. I can barely take my other pills w/ the Gabapentin. I feel like a light weight. My husband & I have started taking are medications at the same time @ night, what a couple! Hope the rest of your week is better.


You are a fighter, remember that. I’m sorry taht you have atypical TN, that’s very painful. Thank you so much for the comment. The temp at my doctor’s office told me she’s on nerve medication, & keeps going. My hats off to her. But, there are people that are strongly affected by the medicine, & worn out from the pain. I understand, people don’t see the pain on us, we look fine to them-but we’re fighting the pain the best we can. There are so many of us that have the same situation. I have nerve pain in my arm, & am having a deja vu w/ people reacting to my TN pain. I think these meds really do mess up your system, I’m not the same person I was before. Hope you have a pain free day.