My trigeminal neuralgia, has gotten the best of me and I am so frustrated and defeated: I was in the ER in excruciating pain. I finally broke the pain cycle with a shot...I was misunderstood and almost ridiculed. I was humiliated. I am awaiting an appointment for balloon compression because my MVD was not curative . The pain came back after a year...Dose anyone know the possible adverse side effects of balloon compression ? This is my next option

I'm sorry you are having such a rough time, Edster. I hope balloon compression will have a good effect.


all of the rhizotomies tend to produce extensive numbness in the face -- and for most patients, that is a blessing even if it can be a nuisance at times. However, from what I've heard from patients and read in the literature, Balloon compression is not nearly as effective over the long term as RF Rhizotomy (aka "ablation"). The lesion created by balloon compression seems to be less precise and quicker healing, causing earlier recurrence of the pain.

Sorry to hear of your bad treatment at the ER. This kind of thing is regrettably common these days and it's being compounded by FDA and DEA restrictions on the prescription and dispensing of opioids. FDA has noble motives, given the near epidemic numbers of people dying from drug overdose. But they have used a meat axe on a problem that needs delicate surgery to preserve the rights and health of real chronic pain patients.

My advice would be don't have balloon compression until you've gotten a second opinion from somebody who does RF rhizotomies frequently for face pain.

Go in Peace and Power


I’m so sorry to hear of your recurrent suffering after a year…
I’ll have to agree with Red concerning the balloon compression…
I’ve found something that has been helping me in high times of suffering, perhaps you could look into it to avoid future visits to the ER??
I’ve been getting nerve blocks of Bupovicaine administered via needle inside my mouth when my pain is through the roof.
The day of, my face is frozen
( like dental freezing) and we’ve found that it acts like a reset button for the pain cycle. Which is an incredible relief for short term, when you’re in high levels of constant pain.
Maybe it’s something you can look into while you search for more lasting relief…
I wish you well, and pray your pain stays manageable.
(( hugs )) Mimi