From The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Webpage: How to shop and progress with our cause!

The TNA/FPA has the power of research - and gets research dollars and you can go to their site to see what else they do, similar to this site but forum is only a small part of it - much medical info. Free to join of course - Its where I found my great sugeon and much supplemental info to this site -

I love them both! I hope you bookmark the blue link and read the shopping stuff I pasted below that!

Kimberly - kcdancerkc

Shop online from over 350 stores and up to 35% of each purchase will benefit TNA programs!

Shop online from over 350 stores like Barnes & Noble, Gap, Office Depot,

1-800-Flowers, Wal-Mart, Expedia, and more at!

Up to 35% of each purchase will benefit us if you select the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association as your cause of choice.

So anytime you buy online, whether you are looking for Airline Tickets, Flowers, Clothes, Music, Office Supplies or anything else! Buy For Charity and help support TNA.

There is NO cost to you and you can even save money on your purchases by using their great coupons and specials.

As a new shopper on, you just sign up once – and you don’t have to give any personal information!

  • Sign up
  • Go to “select a cause”
  • Click on “general disabilities and diseases”
  • Scroll down and select Trigeminal Neuralgia Association
  • That’s it!

Buy for Charity is probably one of the most thoughtful and member-friendly Web sites out there. Becoming a supporter is entirely free and Buy for Charity has amazing Coupons and Specials section will allow you to save money on your own purchases while helping TNA at the same time.

Help make a difference today through your online shopping. If you are going to buy online


Begin helping TNA by patronizing