From a daughter-get well soon mum

I got an access to my mum's page by her permission .

Few hours ago after her light meal of bread and some leftover gravy my mother felt dizzy and

She almost passed out and suddenly she got this stabbing attack attacks occasionally .

Have any of you been in such condition of almost passing out after a meal?

is this some kind of allergy reaction towards certain food and the cataflam she is on?

Is this a normal attack?

I just don't know and I don't know how I can help I feel so useless as a daughter.

I have never felt so alone and I don't have anyone to refer to regarding this matter, doctors are always into drugs and giving wrong diagnose and advice.

Please pray for our strenght to go through this difficult time for me , my brother and korin my mum.

Loads of love ,

Azura (korin's daughter)

Azura, How lucky Korin is to have a loving caring daughter like you. I'm not a doctor but I am allergic to certain things. Symptoms of allergy are usually red raised spots on the skin and swelling of the eyes, tongue and perhaps breathing problems like asthma.

If the stabbing attack was on her face then it was probably a bad neuralgia attack which most of us have experienced. It's excruciatingly painful but it does pass although some people need to go to the hospital emergency unit for pain relief. Is there anyone with medical knowledge you can phone even if you don't think a doctor would be useful?

Don't feel alone, there are people on this site who understand and care. I'm sending you a hug right now for you, your brother and your mother. xxx

I guess that by now things have resolved a little. Korin must be so glad of your support


I don’t know about passing out and allergies. My allergies cause other symptoms similar to what Pat listed. But the TN can cause the stabbing attacks while eating. Those are pretty common I believe. Maybe she is allergic to the cataflam. How long has she been taking it and is that a common side effect?

I am glad you are there for her but I know you are scared. I’ll be praying for both of you.


Hi Azura - thanks so much for the message. How is Korin doing now?

The medicine can cause dizziness and the pain is so severe you can pass out, and eating can make it worse. I guess this is why she eats soft food. You are such a kind daughter. Many of us do not have such loving family. Even though the medicine has side affects, those side affects are usually more bearable than the pain. There are new discussions on this site that tell so many different treatments. People have to keep trying different mixture of treatments and meds until they find what works for them. I advise against surgery. I think I have read about 25 people here having surgery, only 1 worked. Most of those people had surgery more than 1 time.

Your mom has a question at the top of her page, if she should try magnetic therapy. YES! Magnets help my mother's pain so much, but each person is different. It can't hurt her, so why not try? If she did try, we would be interested to know if it helped or not.

Will pray.

Blessings, Sheila