Friends and family who think you have Migrane

I mean seriously....are people so thick skinned and self absorbed that they have NO IDEA just what we go through on a daily basis....I am sick and tired of trying to explain what Iv got when I feel ill...or have to cancel plans at the last minute because the TN breakthrough pain suddenly kicks in.....I just cant get my head around it....I mean...please...does anyone else have this problem...Im sure I cant be alone in this....Iv given up now...and don't make any plans anymore....its easier to sit here on my own....then I don't offend anyone....Just me...Lyrica....amiltryptline....Triliptal...Xanex and Lexatin.....these have been my friends...they don't judge me....they give some relief....and I don't have to explain myself.....If one more moron says Iv got a bad Migrane I swear I will not be responsible for my actions !!!! n hugs xxxxx

Lol … I understand … If one more person says take a pain pill or change your diet or don’t stress or just excersise . I could go on for days . I started on tegratol and worked great then went in to remission for a year and a half had my son and about six months after pain returned like a jolt of lighting dropped me to my knees … Was so glad wasn’t driving had just pulled in to my driveway . No one gets it unless they are a spooney (spoon theory ) or have TN. My family try’s to understand … Strangers are the worst …

That is why I find this site invaluable....everybody on here understands.....I puked with the pain on Saturday....It totally came like a bolt out of the blue...but far far worse than it has been for 3 years now...Usually I can control it...Last resort...drink intravenous morphine....Saturday and Sunday tho nothing worked...nothing...I then forgot how many Triliptal pills I had took more...I never came round fully till Weds....My sister came for a holiday in Tuesday....saw me in a state...put me to bed and went and got an appartment so her holiday wouldnt be ruined...and I have seen her once since briefly for 5 mins....Seriously....would you EVER believe that.....I would...couldnt and cant....It is seriously beyond n hugs xxx

Trust me. I totally get it. I know migraines are bad as I've had a few in my time but NOTHING COMPARES TO TN. And, no one really understands it or gets it. So, sorry you're having pain and I do get it. It does rob us from times we want to be doing things. I've learned to try to explain it to people, if they don't get it, then they don't. It's funny to me that I went through major surgery and had a c-section and my tolerance to pain was so high because of dealing with TN. It shapes you into a different person. Take care of yourself. The more focus we can get on this, maybe one day, people will understand and we won't feel as isolated as we are.