Following your MVD surgery did you receive a round of steriods after you left the hospital

I would like everyone to chime in on whether or not you were sent home from the hospital with a round of steriods after your MVD surgery. I just wanted to see if it is a common practice after this surgery for patients to go through a full round of steriods after the surgery.

Vickie D,
I was sent home from the hospital with prednisone and had another round a couple of weeks later.
Liz K.

thanks. just wondering because i wasnt and i am still in pain nothing has gotten better for me. actually started pain management was wondering if that was a contributing factor. they forgot to give me a prescription for them but wont admit it however i think the nurse lost her job over it.

Hi Vicki,
Yes, they gave me a round of steroids becuase I was having an inflammatory response after my MVD (that was just a minor complication of many others that I had after surgery). So I think that it’s just done to keep inflammation down.
Hope this helps.

I just had MVD surgery on Aug. 30th of this year. I was sent home with a steroid pack to take. I cannot think of the name of it but I started them before I left the hospital. I think I was taking five when i got home and the next day four etc. I did not have any complications from surgery. They did tell me to take the pack has described and to not miss taking it on schedule. It was very important because of inflammation.

thanks for the responses everyone. hope you are all doing well after your mvd. i am assuming that the fact i didnt get any steriods has just delayed my recovery. after the surgery he stated my inflamation was so severe that it could take up to 8 months before i got relief but that was before he forgot to give me steriods so assume will take even longer.

My MVD was in Aug, and I wasn’t sent home with any steroids to take. Actually…I had a lot of cranial swelling when I woke up, and was given IV steroids, which led me to my first CSF leak I am told. My surgeon explained to me that the steroids made it so my incision couldn’t heal quickly enough, and that’s why I got a leak. I’m surprised that being sent home with steroids seems to be the norm. I also suffer from Occipital Neuralgia, and I’m not allowed to have any steroidal occipital nerve blocks, because it will afect the healing of the incision. I have already had 2 CSF leaks…so here’s to hoping no more will follow. ( Just had emerg surg again 4 weeks ago, and I was told i still have to watch out for another) Are you suffering from a lot of surgical pain and headaches?

the dura and brain can swell after an MVD; it’s not unusual for a neurosurgeon to administer steroids post-operatively. it’s usually done intravenously while still in ICU (patients-get a copy of your OR report to see if this occurred.). if you’re sent home with a steroid pack; chances are you already had an infusion in the hospital, and the surgeon is giving you some “insurance” just in case.

i’m not a doctor, speak to your own about what i’ve said here.


I was not sent home with any steroids, but was given them through a IV while still in the OR.

wow angela sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with the surgery. i am not having surgical pain just still having the tgn pain. started pain management a couple months ago trying to get it under control. it actually is getting steadily worse instead of better. Mine was more of the atypical before the surgery but now i am getting more of the typical nerve pains in the face. Just seem to be going the wrong way .just takin it one day at a time. I have a brother fighting with stage 4 pancreatic cancer so just try to focus on him. if he can stay strong i certainly can.

Hi Vicky,
I was sent home with a prescription for Prednisone. Two weeks to the day, when my MVD failed, I had two rounds of at-home IV steroid therapy; memory recall is something about 5 hours a day for ?? weeks X 2…
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Thanks for the feed back everyone. Guess I cant blame my poor sucess with the surgery on the lack of steriods then :(. I was hoping that was the case because my doctor or nurse definitely meant for me to have steriods they just forgot. I know this because about a week after my surgery i was in such horendous pain and couldnt keep anything down and was almost to the point of having to go in the hospital for dehydration. I called the drs office and the first thing the nurse asked is “did you finish your steriod pack?”, i told her i didnt get a prescription for any and she immediately called some in for me. She said the dr wanted to check me out so I came in that day and again the first thing he asked is “have you finished your steriods yet?” when I told him they were just called in that day because I wasnt sent home with any he then fumbled and said "…well I dont always give them it just depends on the case. A few days later when I called the nurse was no longer employed there and had been there forever. Doesnt matter now I was just curious if this was part of my problem. thanks for the feedback.