Following the MVD has anyone had fluid behind the ear?

I still have fluid behind my ear which is causing me no end of discomfort. The surgeon said it can happen sometimes because of all the fluid they used to swish round and then the swelling. If you had it how long did it last?


Hi Natalie,
I also had a buildup of fluid behind the ear, under the scar. It would swell and subside, but never went away. The doctor said that it was CSF and would eventually go away. It didn’t, so he did a corrective surgery. Within weeks, it was back again, so we kept an eye on it, and after it didn’t go down again, he did a more extensive second repair, which finally fixed it. All in all, it was about 6 months. It turned out in the long run that it was hydrocephalus - it was what caused the leaks - so I was eventually shunted to releive the pressure. This is not typical.

This sounds like a classic CSF leak.