Flying with TN

I am hoping to be flying to see my daughter and her family in the near future. Has anyone had problems with this? Any advice as it is a 3 hour flight and I do like to fly non-stop.

I’ve never had an issue with flying and I put on about 70K miles a year. I was concerned at first due to the vibrations but it seems there is not enough vibration at least for my level of TN.

i too was concerned at first because of the pressure changes. but the only time it bothered me even the slightest was the descend down to land. even then it was minor. you could take something as a preventive measure if you think it would. i did that my first time and i had no issues what so ever, second time was when i didn’t and had minor discomfort upon the descending.

Thanks I had gone thru most of the discussions and did not see one for this, so I thought I would ask. Now I know I can still fly and enjoy more time with them.