Fluid collecting at incision after CSF leak repair

Hi, I had MVD in March 2015. 2 weeks later, I had CSF leak, through my nose, surgical side. I was admitted right away & had the leak repaired via craniotomy. Just a month ago, I had to go back in for a 2nd repair. Seems I had a pinhole sized, slow leak for 9 months. The only symptom, really, was a huge fluid bubble behind my ear, under my scar.

Just a few days ago, the bubble came back. I’m only a month postop from the repair. I’m reading about swelling & fluid around the incision. This is quite spontaneous & is getting worse by the day. I have no other outward leak symptoms.

My question is: when can you expect fluid to collect? Right after surgery? Weeks later? I see my surgeon for follow-up this week, but he is not great with questions. I’m actually bringing my mom because he tends to steamroll me. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!