First MRI today

I went for my first MRI/MRA today, first I should say since this ugly thing I now know as TN started. I’m only slightly or shall I say very concerned, they may find it to be caused by something even scarier then just a twisted vessel around the Trigeminal nerve. I wait with baited breath till I get the call next week regarding the results from the test. I know many of you have been through the same anxiety, I guess my question is how did you get through it without dwelling on the worst?

If your symptoms are characteristic TN symptoms and do not include some of the symptoms that would be more invasive type conditions it is most likely TN entrapment related from an artery or vein. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck!! If your mri is positive for vascular entrapment consider mvd surgery. My surgery 2 months ago totally alleviated my TN pain. Blessings and I will pray for results that will give you direction for correcting your condition.

Thank you Jay, I hope so too. My doctor referred me to a Nuerosuergon today. I’m still in limbo about the results from my MRI. I at least now know the next course of action.

Your headed in the right direction by seeing a neuro-surgeon. Do some research and find out who has a good track record with mvd surgery, should it be the direction you take to correct your TN. I would recommend finding someone who uses the minimally invasive endo scope. Make sure your mri/mra confirms that the nerve is in fact compressed by a vessel before jumping into a surgical intervention also. I traveled to LA to have my done and I would do the same thing again to get the right surgeon to perform this on me.