Finding the humor - what have you had to give up because of this disorder?

Just sitting here thinking of all the stuff that I have changed or given up in the last year since this pain started and would love to hear what other people have changed or given up also. This is not meant to be depressing, but I know that some of it will be. Here is my list of what I have given up:

Hair clips – hair bands – the tightness of my hair makes my pain worse

Long hair – side effects of meds has caused so much thinning, I had to cut it to make it look thicker

Speaking in complete sentences – I now speak in disrupted sentences because I can’t remember what I was going to say.

Soft drinks and sugar – tried giving those up to see if that would help lessen the pain – didn’t work and I am now drinking 1 soft drink occasionally and putting sugar in my coffee again.

Heavy eyeglass frames – seemed to make the pain worse

Good handwriting – I used to have great handwriting, but now I can’t write legibly or in a straight line.

My husband had to give up sex – I say he had to give this up as it was more of a sacrifice for him than it was for me.

Shopping for hours – can hardly make it to the grocery store, much less spending a day at the mall! This, of course, was great for saving money so I could pay for the drugs.

Time - have to spend so much time rereading this post (and everything else I type) to correct for all the errors in spelling and grammer because I can't remember simple words and sentences or retain my train of thought. Actually had to put this list in a word document so I could add stuff as I thought of it and then bring it into this post.

Hahahahaha, that's my autobiography and you have nicked it, that's plagiarism!! I have given up all bar one and I will let you all guess which one it is! Not ready for that sacrifice just yet. Gotta have something to look forward to!!!

Do your hair clips mean that much to you Jackie!

Not really!!

OMG - you have both given me the best laugh that I have had in days!! Yeah, it was really, really hard for me to give up the hair clips also.

One thing TN has brought to my life is Earmuffs! I have a big black fluffy pair! Never worn them before now i wont go out without them, love them to bits!

Fashionable glasses,well all glasses! Till i get my bonus and can afford some super light ones.Which could be months away. :-( Which explains why I saw a lamb on the sports center.(turned out to be a siameas cat!)I seem to go into a daze most of the time as i have trouble focusing after a while.

Can't always find the right word or peoples names.Sometimes have to discribe people instead.Ie Long hair,shouts a lot,****head=my boss!

LOL Love the description of your boss Jackie!

Wonder what they call me, I am the Boss!!! DM glad I gave you a laugh, I blame you, it’s called Finding The Humor LOL

My Boss is actually very good.I didn't mean it.He is younger than I but he is good.It is said tongue in cheek.

Yep, I could write this as well. Bummer....... I just said to the hairdresser the other day when I had it done, that I had given everything else up but that I would drug myself up to have her color and cut my hair because I was NOT giving that up. I have worked 1 full year to grow it out to the middle of my back (it was in a very short layered look)!!!! So I had her color it and send me home in foils to avoid the dryer. I will say I am glad it is longer as for me, it is easier to keep away from my cheekbones when in pain.

I gave up chocolate because for some reason it seems to be a trigger.

I gave up most foods as I cannot chew. I risked a Sonic Burger last night with the fries and fry sauce... and low level pain followed.... but it was SOOOOOO worth it:)

I will NOT give up my coffee... no way, no how. So I reduced my diet dr. pepper intake.

I have mostly given up on makeup... hurts too much to put foundation on.

I can't walk my doggies anymore:(

On the bright side of all of this ---- I have "given up" 15 pounds... lol. That is one loss I am happy about.

I can’t drink tea.

And I can’t always concentrate on my work, so I’ve been forced to give up being a workaholic.

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!

Min C said:

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!

Yes icecream

Amberzak - that is amazing that you said tea! When I first came down with this, tea made my pain worse, so I gave that up too. I just started drinking it again since I was in pain anyway - how much worse could it get, right?

Sleeping on my right side.

This is an awesome thread!

I've had to give up eating all crunchy foods. No more tortilla chips for me. Sigh.

On the other hand, when I'm feeling particularly miserable, I figure I can have some brie or pudding as a consolation prize.

I may have come out ahead. Take that, TN!


But, I am greatful for what I can do and what I can do again like, color my hair, DRIVE, eat, drink, walk in the woods.

Min, you gave up ice cream? Now I want to cry for you.... I never really liked it until I was struck by this monster. Now, it is about all I eat. I make milkshakes....

While I lost my crunchy foods....

I gained a Magic Bullet! That thing is so awesome. I can make quite a milkshake in it. I can blend some foods up in it... (my mom made a ham/cheese/potatoe casserole and I blended it up adding bit of milk and it tasted like cheesy potatoe soup!). I can make some awesome protein shakes now! Who needs Jamba Juice when I have a Magic Bullet.

I lost the ability to do certain things, but I have learned my daughter has the capacity to be very gentle and tender with me:) Makes my heart happy.

While on meds I gave up my SANITY AND MY IQ !

They are slowwwwwly coming back - hey no typos here!