Finally a diagnosis... Only helps to confirm that yes, indeed, I hurt!

Hi there. It has been a while since I’ve made contact. The pain and various meds and just generally coping has occupied all if my energy. I had an MRI in Vancouver last fall as part of the procedures for a MVD with Dr. Christopher Honey. The results showed a mild compression of the nerve on the left and I was told there is a 39 month waiting list just for the consult. OMG!
I did an internet search and found Dr. Anthony Kaufman in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I asked if people could self refer and how long was the waiting list. Yes, you can self refer to start and please send the disc of the MRI to his office. My Dr office called UBC and requested the MRI disc be sent to Winnipeg. Dr Kaufman reviewed my MRI, said there was a severe decompression on the left side and it is operable! The relief I knowing all these years that the pain is real and not just “in my head” is such a huge affirmation for me. I am on their waiting list - about 12 to 14 months for surgery, not just a consult. And so I wait which hope and search sites and blogs for MVD info. I joined the MVD group.

Great news Valarie, I had my MVD with Dr. K a year ago…if you’d like I can message you hotel info if your not in Winnipeg, we flew in from Alberta. You can claim hotel, flight and food expenses for you and a companion as well for your taxes… The hospital and Dr. K’s staff were all really nice. I hope you get in sooner than later…(( hugs )) Mimi