Feeling hot!

This is a bit weird - but I’ve been getting really hot of a night time, before I go to bed. And yes I know where I live it is still Summer even for a few more days, but it’s not that kind of hot.

It feels like a fever, I even sweat a little too - but my body temperature stays normal. My skin feels like it’s burning, usually just from the sternum upwards and the usual things cool me down, tepid showers, turning the fan on my back etc except I can’t figure out what this is that’s happening. I’ve looked up all kinds of heat conditions and I don’t fit any of them. It’s not hot flashes / flushes, it’s not night sweats, it’s not heat exhaustion or heat stroke …

I’m hoping someone here may have heard of this or know what it may be??

I know that this question is potentially unrelated to my TN - but when this started was usually during a TN attack, so previously I’d looked it up and found that pain can cause an increase in body heat and sweating - but now it’s happening without the attacks, or could I be having the attacks and not feeling the pain. Oh, my heads spinning just thinking about this.

I’m wondering if it may be nervous system related…

The heat is such that it feels like I’m standing for hours under the burning summer sun with already sunburnt skin - except it’s night time and it just comes on when it wants to and then goes again. It almost feels like nerve pain really, it’s very disturbing…

Well, thank you all for reading (listening) here - even if no one has answers, I appreciate your taking the time!

Best wishes to all ~ Kerry

same here

It sounds like hot flashes to me, but with that said, I have had hot flashes and am now experiencing something similar to what you describe, and that is not hot flashes. It is worse at night before I go to bed. I have found that if I rinse in cold water after my hot shower, and it is winter here, that will cool me down and make me more comfortable. Most nights I don't have too bad of a time if I do this.