Feeling alone

I am feeling very hopeless. I have tried tegretol and baclofen and had to go off because of side affects. I am taking lyrica now but it does nothing. I have a bad neck and migraines as well. Anyone else have multiple issues?.I am considering being referred to the MN Mayo clinic for help.

Hi Barb,

I am so sorry that you are feeling so hopeless. I have been there a few times and it feels pretty miserable. There is hope though so please hang in there.

I am taking Tegretol and Baclofen combo and found that once I was adapted to the meds they work fairly well for me. What dosage were you taking and was the jump very sudden. These meds need to be adjusted so gently.

I also have Occipital Neuralgia which gives me migraine headaches. I do not take migraine meds but have received steroid injections in my occipital nerve/muscles which have helped a bit.

I wish you all the best as you continue this tn journey. The path is winding and at times up hill but there are many friends along the way to help you steady the course. Peace.

You are not alone so look through the entire site and I will try to find you on here.

I don’t recall the dose of either both I went up very slowly and ended up taking a lower dose of tegretol but it was ineffective so I went off Baclofen made me so nauseous I couldn’t stay on it. I hate taking meds. Thank you for all the kind words

The Mayo clinic referral idea sounds wise! Pls info me with any helpful info you glean from that.