Feel use less right now :(

Hey guys.struggling atm mesa been increased as suffering with the cold weather I think but feel absolutely rubbish.have two children and am struggling … no use to anyone in that awful pain or drugged up to my eyeballs :frowning: hate not being in control.hate having to rely so much on my partner but hate most of all not having much patience or energy for my children :frowning: I hope these meds settle down soon because im feeling so low

Hi Sophie. I have had this bugger with me for quite a few years now and my hat goes off to anybody who has TN and also has children. All mums deserve praise and understanding for raising these new 'little people', but to have to do it and be in such pain would be very very hard. I live in Australia and was very happy about the warmer weather coming in as I thought my TN would settle; then my Neurologist tried me on a new med which has made me become a walking sweat bucket! Very embarrassing and uncomfortable, especially at work trying to be professional with sweat running down your face like a waterfall! We all have to deal with this bugger in our own way and you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself as the treatments are sometimes as bad as the pain, but hopefully, the right mix will be found for you soon to enable you to again enjoy your children and give your partner an extra hug for helping you out when you needed it. Take Care Sophie


Thank you for replying lynn.meds for me are the lesser of two evils but hate feeling like this.feel like I need to sleep for a week…hate that something I have no control over is effecting my family so much :frowning: was only diagnosed this year and tbh im struggling so much already.i take my hat off to all tn sufferers. Such a nasty thing to live with

Just wanted to send you some ((( hugs ))) and let you know I understand…be gentle and kind to yourself…funny, as I wrote that…I’m thinking why don’t I listen to myself and do the same?
Have faith that things will get better…unfortunately we can’t control that we have this, so it’s not our fault. We feel responsible for how it affects our families when we shouldn’t, but we do.
I’ve been increasing my meds this past month and haven’t been able to do much, this has turned me into a cranky bitch. My poor family is on the front lines facing my mood swings, pain and drugged up self…
I guess we just have to do the best we can and hope and look forward to better days…
Positive thoughts, know you’re not alone…
(( hugs )) Mimi xx

Thank you for writing to me Mimi.i think perhaps I do need to be abit more fair to myself .its so hard to not feel well enough to do the basic tasks…I hope I feel better soon.and I hope you do too Mimi ((hugs)) x

Hi Sophie,

I'm so sorry you are going through such terrible pain :( You are right that TN is one of the worst things to deal with.

I have a five year old daughter and I am a single mom so I really understand your frustration. I felt the same way and just felt so guilty that I wasn't taking proper care of my little one and had no patience for her or anything else, while in such pain.

I really hope you get some relief soon. It breaks my heart to read posts like yours. Hugs to you

Hi there… Meds changed me so much…did you get lidocaine face patches yet? Might be able to take LESS meds!

Hi again.no doctor wont prescribe patches as im alergic to medical adhesives. …plasters…steri strips even nicotine patches…was gutted

OMG, call tomorrow and get 5% lidocaine cream called in for you!!! Let us know! Helps many…put on as needed!