Feel like giving up

Does anyones pain get so out of control they feel like just giving up like you just dont wanna deal with another day I do my sweet babies and wonderful husband are the motivation that keeps me going my primary care doctor has been trying to get me in with a neurologist for over a month now and I am in pure agony the carbamazepine does nothing the gabapentin does nothing baclofen does nothing and the 5 mg of norco takes the edge off for a little bit its like I cant move my head talk eat drink or anything its so bad I just need someone to say this getsbbetter

I sent you a private message. I see you are in Louisville, Ky. There is a local support group there. It's a long road. There are many drugs out there that can take the edge off. There are none to make it go away. I've been 15 yrs now. Had an MVD 5 yrs. ago by a wonderful Dr in Pitsburg. took care of the TN, but now I have damaged nerve pain. But I think it is because I had Gamma Knife first. What ever you do, I don't recommend Gamma Knife.

Hi JoAnna
Anti inflammatory shots were the only thing that helped me at the beginning when the pain was so severe. It took 6-8 weeks of anti inflammatory shots gradually spacing them out for the neurotin to kick in and finally build up enough to dull the pain. My ear nose and throat doctor’s mother has TN and she knew what to do. I also recommend going to a dentist that has a “digital” X-ray machine so they can see the roots of your teeth better. I had an abscess from a cracked tooth that regular dentists missed for 20 years. It spread through my jaw then infected my nerve. My ENT doc also gave me a few antibiotic shots which helped the infected tooth no one knew I had yet. I hope this helps you and your sweet family. The first two anti inflammatory shots worked in 15 min. The pain has never been as bad as it was that day while I cried like a baby in the waiting room. Dr

Dr. Yamileth Nicolau, MD with Texas ENT her mother has had TN for years. (281) ■■■■■■■■

Everyone's pain plan is different. I went from dentist, to neurologist to surgeon to shrink in 18 years. Took persistence and research and asking everyone who would listen for help. I was in a headache study for two years. That study taught me a lot about myself and dealing with TN. The pain doctors, most of them, just don't get it. They want to sedate you instead of treat the real problem, I stay away from them. Their remedy is loading you up on narco or percocet. Getting perscribed marinol took 2 years of referrels , like I want to spent 6,000.00 a year for the rest of my life. But it works good for now. Good luck!