Facial Pain from sinus surgery!

Hi! I wanted to share my story as it may help others suffering with facial pain.
I have always had sinus issues so when I was just 21 I underwent sinus surgery and had my septum in my nose straightened. ever since the surgery I had a constant burning, dull, aching pain in my face that was present 24/7. over the next 4 years i tried so much but all treatments and surgery failed. I tried about 4 medications, 2 nerve blocks in theatre, chiropractic, physio, accupuncture, wires inserted into my face as a trial which sent signals to the Brian to try and stop the pain, and the list goes on…! finally I went and saw a third neurosurgeon and he agreed to operate and perform partial sensory rhitzomy as the nerve wasn’t conpressed. 5 years later I’m pain free!!! the pain tool just over 1 year to go and it was very gradual. I had the surgery in Australia and I was very lucky my neurosurgeon had a fellow neurosurgeon from American training and he really wanted to do the surgery and was sure it would work. all I can say is believe in yourself even when doctors give up. there is light at the end of the tunnel and no one deserves to live in constant pay. please let me know if you have any questions. xx

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I might add I havr had a total of 8 general anaesthetics,4 MRI’s, 1 x CT scans!!

Thanks for sharing your story Jessie! I’m glad to find out that you are now pain free - its always great to hear when our members try to spread their positive outlook.

Thank you!! I’m very lucky. I was left with a numb gum, lip, chin on the right side which I get a tingling fuzzy feeling from. Its better at time, however this is nothing compared to the pain.,

i underwent two times sinus surgeries;the pressure pain still continue
in 2014 i underwent pulsed radiofrequency of trigeminal ganglion sphenoplatine,pressure pain start to be more with start of burning pain/

the only positive point from this radiofrequency surgery is that i start to have less headache that before/

could you please advice me/

I’m so sorry to hear you are still having troubles. Is the pain you are having sinus pressure/pain or pain from a damage done to the nerve as a result of the sinus surgery?

No worries! Thanks for your message.

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As a result of the last surgery part of my lip, gum, tongue and chin are numb. I get a tingly and fizzy feeling on my lip. Some of time its worse than others, I would appreciate if anyone has had this or has any tips to help! Thank you :slight_smile: