Facial Numbness after MVD

I had MVD 4/11/14 and I am pain free! However, the side of my face effected by TN is now numb. Top of the head down to the chin, inside of the mouth and tongue, and the eyeball itself is numb. I am also experiencing facial muscle weakness. Has anyone else experienced this?

Tuesday of this week, when I had the stitches removed, I asked the PA if the numbness would go away? He stated it should but could not give me a time frame. Hopefully my follow up appointment with the Surgeon on 5/05/14 I will learn more.

I had surgery almost 12 weeks ago. My whole side of my face was numb as well. I still have some numbness in the bottom of my face but most of the rest of it is gone. It takes a long time and it's very gradual.

Thank you Laura for your response. Did you experience intense facial tingling and itching before the numbness subsided?

I am actually on my way to NYC for my 6mo follow up tomorrow. I did not have any facial numbness or muscle weakness but a large portion of my skull was numb on the side of my MVD. Lately, especially when I touch that part of my head, it’s tingly. Almost like when your foot falls asleep and it’s starting to wake up. So while it hasn’t really bothered me at all, my feeling seems to be coming back. Hope the same for you and good luck!

Yes, my face itched like the devil. Since the area also felt numb (you wouldn't think it could be both at once) and I didn't want to scratch myself with my nails I used a dish towel to rub the itchy area. It worked well...looked stupid but worked great. :)

Well, I truly wish you luck. I have all of those symptoms and more. Its been 4 yr. in July for me. the trigeminal nerve was already so damaged from gamma Knife and waiting too long for MVD. Took care of the TN, but now I have Anesthesia Dolorosa. You might look it up. Nothing helps Those Lidocaine patchs were a joke for me. Insurance didn't want to pay for them. They are expensive and did not work. My Dr. had to appeal to the insurance company before they sent them to me Then they didn't work.

Lots of luck and I hope you end up better off then me.

I had my MVD done 30 yrs ago. The numbness will very likely improve dramatically but also a good chance that you will be left with some for life. Very small price to pay. I get numbness in my lower jaw , tongue and side of my face periodically. It kind of comes and goes for no apparent reason excepts seems to be more common when I am really tired. I look at it as a wonderful reminder of how my surgeon saved my life and gave me back my full life 30 yrs ago. ..Good luck I am sure you will do very well in your recovery

Hi Kelli,

I had MVD surgery on 6/19/2014, almost 4 months ago. Like you I was totally numb from head to chin and inside of mouth, including tongue, roof of mouth, teeth and lips. I've got feelings back in most places except for lips, teeth and gum. I have this strange bubble just floating around those areas 24/7 that drives me crazy. It's very distracting and I can't sleep because of it sometime. I'd like to think that's the nerves are generating and that's why I'm feeling this sensation. I felt it in other areas before and those areas are now not numb any more.

Are you still numb from your MVD surgery? I was wondering how long it takes for the numbness to go away. I think you had the surgery 2 months prior to mine.


Hi Nina, I apologize for the delay response. I need to visit this site more often.

Yes I am still numb. No improvement. I have to remind myself at least the pain is gone. Do not get me wrong, but I am very grateful I am pain free!

However my face itches and tingles. When I am tired it is more bothersome. Couple of weeks ago I bite the inside of my mouth so hard it bruised on the outside.

I wish you well and hope the numbness continue to improve for you.