Living With Facial Pain

Facial numbness after Gamma Knife


My Father had gamma knife surgery 2 years ago and it actually worked great for a year to cure his TN pain. However, after a a year he began to experience complete numbness on whole left side of face, extreme eye pain/pressure and difficulty tasting and eating food because of numbness. He is very depressed and is convinced there must be a cure for this. He has been to two neurologists/surgeons with no options given. Anyone know of anything he should be looking into?



Can they do MVD surgery. I had mine done 35 years ago with tremendous success. I suffered with TN pain for 8 yrs till found a Dr who knew what was causing my pain. Had surgery woke up pain free and with Gods blessing have been pain free for 35 yrs. It was a life saver. Good luck



I have the same symptom, after a balloon rhizotomy. There really isn’t anything to do. I get some relief from topical lidocaine or a wet washcloth on my face, and some otc eye drops. In my case it’s always there, but gets more and less awful throughout the day.



I would not suggest MVD for this issue. I have the same symptoms almost 3 years after my MVD surgery. I did not have these issues before my surgery. The surgery also has left me deaf in my right ear. It did however cure me from the electric shock attacks that were destroying my life. So I have accepted the trade off!!! I have also been told there is not anything that can be done for this. I have even tried accupuncture to no avail. Ohio has just legalized medical marijuana and I plan to give that a try. Otherwise it’s calming thoughts, massage, and distraction that get me through.



Thank you so much for your response. I would love to hear if medical marijuana helps at all after you try it.

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