Facial numbness after DMV

I had MVD surgery July 25 2018… I still have full facial numbness but Im wondering if anyone else who has had this surgery seems to feel that the numbness is actually getting worse? My lips & tongue seem to burn now, almost as if they are sun burned. Also, my tongue does not seem to sit right in my mouth and now I have almost what seems like an indent on my tongue from it sitting on my tooth. Has this happened to anyone. I never had any problems with my tongue b4 surgery.
I feel like instead of this getting better, its actually getting worse and REALLY wish I could do a do over but sadly i cant : ((

So sorry to hear of your setbacks …
I’ve had MVD surgery twice (31October 2014 and 6March 2017) … I wish I could encourage you but sadly have to report that my pain in my right ear, jaw, back of throat and neck is getting worse by the day … only blessing is that I can enjoy very short periods of 2 to 4/10 thanks to anti inflammatory medication but otherwise it’s pretty much a 6/10 …
This illnes has cost me my livelihood because I no longer have the cognitive capacity or energy to maintain my high profile profession … at best I can sit at a desk to answer calls/emails and book appointments but cannot stand for long periods or bend at all so retail work is out as is anything requiring concentration at any level … it’s truly a terrible illness … and I don’t think it will be long before we lose our home as my hubby was entrenched the day I had the first surgery … life is hard and a nightmare for TN / GPN sufferers and their families … we need to support one another whatever in the world we find ourselves … I’m in South Africa where employment at any level is impossible to find unless you happen to be previously disadvantaged … aptitude and ability has no bearing at all on employability😢