Eye Watering Constantly

Does anyone else seem to have this issue as well. It's on my right side, same as my TN and my intermediate nervousous neuralgia. It's getting to the point the eye is constantly blurred now. Wasn't sure if anyone else experienced this, if it was something I should call my Dr about or my eye Dr. I don't think it's allergy related...when they flare up, my eyes itch, both of them, this is different.

Thanks for any feedback!


I have this. It is fairly new for me. Started with a teary eye. Then it started to feel like something was in my eye, like a lash. Then it started going blurry and was actually swollen and red. I had an incredibly bad couple of weeks on my entire left side and the eye thing really freaked me out. My TN always stayed in the bottom two branches before. I also get all kinds of little flutters and spasms under and above my eye.

You probably should have it checked out by an eye DR. But mine acts just like the rest of my TN. It comes and goes and follows patterns that I know very well.

What is this other neuralgia you mention? I am going to look that up.

Jane, it's called intermediate nervousous neuralgia( I may not be spelling that 2nd word just right) and that involves mainly the nerves of the inner ear. My Neurosurgeon actually diagnosed when I went to see him for a consult. I've had the MVD surgery already, not as successful as we had hoped, he is willing to go back in, but I am not sure I am willing to go through that again.

I am not getting any fluttering over the eye, just the constant watering and blurring, I thought at first the tear duct was blocked, but I am not waking up with any crusting around the eye at all. It is looking red and slightly swollen as well. Thank you for the reply!

Yes My eyes (I am bilateral) water almost every morning when I wake up, sometimes for hours. I get the twitches around the eye at times too, but they are seemingly separate events.Just one of the many benefits of having TN ;-)