Eye problem following MVD

Hi everyone, just a quick discussion to see if anyone else has had problems with their eyes following MVD surgery. I'm nearly 9 weeks post op now and pretty much everything has gone really well for me, apart from this problem I have with my right eye (operation was on the right side too). I had a lot of numbness following the surgery (which I expected, including my scalp, forehead, eyeball, eye area, cheek, nose, upper lip,top teeth and gums). A lot of this is slowly disappearing and I am regaining feeling in lots of areas, except my eyeball (sounds weird!), around the eye and part of my nose, as well as around the scar. The eye didn't worry me for a few weeks after the op, but approximately 4 weeks after surgery it started to itch, get red, scratch all the time like I had sandpaper under the lid, and the eyelid would swell and get red also. I went to the doctor who first gave me antibiotics in case it was conjunctivities, then drops to try and relieve the symptoms, to no avail. I've been to the optician a couple of times as the condition got much worse. She says I have very dry eyes, but the right one is considerably worse and I had corneal abrasions on that eye. She also wondered if I'm unable to close the eye properly at night, causing it to dry out all the time. It was very very uncomfortable and I could barely see.

This was while I was still recovering from the op and hadn't yet gone back to work. The optician asked the GP to prescribe thick ointment to use at night (which blurs the vision, so can't do anything once its in) and strong drops to use virtually every hour to try to intensively lubricate the eye. I'm now back at work (using a computer all day, which doesn't help one bit) and struggling with my vision. However, I've just noticed on the information regarding MVD's on here that there is a possibility of losing the tearing reflex of the eye and I'm wondering if this is what's causing the problem for me.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any advice to offer. I don't see the neurosurgeon for another month yet, which sounds a long time away with the eye problem!



The tears should come back however I have one pupil larger then the other & I had the same symptoms you explain after surgery years later my tears are back but still have vision issues

Hi Suzi, I know just what your going through! I'm very sorry! Mine was after a Raziotomy in 2004, but I have had MVD after. Still to this day my entire left side of my face is numb, including the eye. The first week after surgery I could only see blurred vision. I went to a Neuro-optimaligist. He sent me to Boston Foundation for Sight in Needham, MA. Found out each time I blinked my eye I scratched the Cornea. They treated that. Also made me a Prose device lense. It is large, covers most of the eye. Because the eye no longer makes moisture you put a saline in the lense and insert it. The lense is cup shaped to fit your eye. They are the only ones in the country making them. People from all over the world go there. You need to protect your eye from anything that might get in it so it needs to be covered. They are made at the office, so they do many fitting to make sure it fits correctly. I can not say enough GOOD things about all the Doctors. They are wonderful. It is a Foundation so if you need financial help. And they also take insurance. Phone # 781-■■■■■■■■ I still wear them everyday and love them. I also to this day have much pain in that eye, which is the nerve which can't be helped. Please call and talk to them! Good luck to you!