Eye pain

Does anyone else out there have the eye pain and pressure that is out of this world. I have pressure behind my eye and in my ear that I can hardly handle. I have been to the ER once for a shot to try and get ahead of the pain again and it never even touched the pain. I don't see the neuroligist till Monday but was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what has help you to bring pain level down. Thanks for all the help you guys give one another I am always reading and learning from you.



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You are not alone. I also experience excruciating eye pain/ pressure. Sometimes it feels like my eyeball is being sucked with a vacuum out the back of my head. Often find that eye movement (reading) and changes in weather are my biggest triggers. There are no words to explain the feeling like an ice pick being shoved into my eye and ear.

From my experience, I use an ice pack on the back of my neck, cold eye mask (IMAK kind with beads). Gently closing my eyes and giving them a rest. Oh, and some noise canceling ear protection to attempt to stop sounds and vibration from triggering pain ( I use my husband’s chainsaw headphones ). Sometimes my eyes get dry and feel irritated, so I might use some eye drops, but hate the feeling of putting them in my eye. Oh, and with all that cold on my head, a heating pad for my lower back.

If you can visualize this, it is quite an interesting/hilarious look :slight_smile: but sometimes it helps. If not, I resort to pacing. Wishing you a pain free day!

HI dee yes I had horrible eye pain in both eyes my right being the worst!! I had stabbing pains in my right eye too for a long time. Sometimes they were soo achy feeling it was extremely scary feeling. I have TN type 2. and have had pain all over my head and face in weird and different scary awful ways. I now take nortriptyline 75 mg a day and it has saved my life and taken a lot of that away. Feel free to write me if you have any questions.

Yup, it feels as if someone is stabbing my eye with a fine needle. The pain in the ear may be Geniculate Neuralgia. There is also a sub group here for that.

Hi neuro just tried me on Topimax for both eye and ear with my existing meds and had great success. May be worth asking about at your next visit.

YES, YES, YES, AND YES!!! I’m still awake at 5:00 am because I’ve been awake all night because of gnawing eye pain. My right side has always been my trouble spot. I’ve had 2 MVDs and for a short while the eye pain was gone but now it’s back with a vengeance. I feel so lost as if I can’t believe I went through the surgeries, pain clinic, neurologist, neurosurgeon, just to be back at sq one!!! I just want one day w/o pain. :(.