Extreme Pain

I am in extreme pain right now. It has been going on for about three months. My neurologist keeps increasing meds and adding new ones. Currenting I am on Carbatrol, Gabapentine, Baclafen, and Topamax with Carbamazapine for break through pain. I have been told I can not have surgery because I am Atypical. All I want is some relief. I also get migrianes too and am currently on medical leave because of them because they are so bad. Does anyone have any suggestions?

(((Lena))) Quite the cocktail of meds…I can only offer my thoughts and prayers to you for some relief from your pain. My best to you, bob

I am new to all this so all I can offer you is prayer. I hate the meds and cannot imagine how one would function on all that. I am on 2700 mg of gabapentin and lortab for break-through pain and I barely can function. Just keep researching and reaching out to others. God bless you!

Lena, if you don’t have a compression is there any chance that you might have TMJ? i.e. pain in the muscles of the jaw/neck/shoulder. Although I’ve had setbacks I’m generally much improved since I started daily exercises. The general idea is to strengthen the muscles to try to stop them going into spasm. I think that there’s a diabolical dance which goes on between nerves and muscles. For me, trying to take back control of my dysfunctional muscles has been a liberating experience.

Ihave tried all that you are currently using, none have worked for very long, it seems like my body figures a way around the drugs to keep reminding me that my head hurts. I am currently using Cymbalta and Lyrica, it helps some…had a medical procedure (for something else) and the surgeon used Demoral and that is the best I have felt in 2.5 years…he would not recomend Daily use of that

Our bodies and minds are inextricably linked together, a chain of sorts, and what effects one thing will affect all others. We’ve all heard the old phrase, that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And I’m here to tell you, it’s not entirely accurate.

If you’ve ever tried to totally destroy a chain, you’ll find that it is not just as strong as the weakest link: a chain is also as strong as its STRONGEST link! At times, parts of us may be worn down, but it is during these times that other parts of us, other “links” in our chains, reveal their toughness.

Each of us has our “strongest link” whether it be our courage, intelligence, flexibility, youthfulness, wisdom, spirit, the list goes on and on. All of us are occasionally “broken” at the weakest point, even completely “healthy” people.

Sure, a chain is held together by its weakest link, but it is also held together, and continues to be a chain, according to its strongest link. (jqt)

i would suggest a new opinion by a specialist who specifically treats TN or atypical TN…the cocktail seems to be too much…I didn’t have great luck with neurologists, 4 different opinions, 1 incorrect diagnosis…however, after going to a neurosurgeon who treats TN, i had MVD and I’m now pain-free. I went to the conference in New York this past Fall, and I was again reminded there are different medical opinions…will keep you in my prayers…

I would like to thank everyone for their advice. I am doing a little better now. I am coming off of the baclofen. Hopefully that will help.

Sure glad you have had some improvement. I have decided to go forward with the MVD surgery. I have researched and researched and heard the good, the bad and the ugly. I think I am an excellent candidate for it and I don’t want to add other meds. So I go for surgery on Dec. 14th so keep me in your thoughts. I will pray that your pain decreases daily.