Extreme anxiety after surgery

I'm three weeks out from surgery as of tomorrow. Everything has been going as expected. I'm healing well and, except the fatigue, I'm getting better every day.

Until early Saturday morning. I woke up in a crazy panic attack. I was sweating, my chest was hot, and basically, I was completely freaked out. And, I still am. I've even considered going to the hospital, it's that bad.

Has anyone else had this?

Have you had panic attacks before? I would consider going to hospital or at least calling your doctor, for reassurance it nothing else.

I would call your doctor and tell him how you are feeling. Youhave been through alot with surgery . Hope you continue to feel better.

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks because of my tooth pain. I guess it is the fear if the unknown.


I had a similar experiance after MVD. Please take it easy, I had fatigue for months after the surgery.


As it turns out, I stopped my oxycodone to abruptly. Even thought I'd only been on the meds for 2.5 weeks, stopping at once is a very bad idea. I'm starting to feel better but basically have just gone through the worst three days of my life.