Excellent neurologist in Latham, NY (near Albany)

I go to Dr. Keith Edwards for both multiple sclerosis and trigeminal neuralgia pain. He teaches at Harvard and also practices out of Bennington, VT. His knowledge is extensive. He sent me to Dr. Thomas McCormack in Latham for two glycerol rhizotomies.

The first was great but the second 2 yrs later left my face totally numb and he did not warn me about the consequences of a numb eyeball until I had damaged my cornea due to insufficient tear production. I let him know that he should include regular tear lubricating drops following the procedure if the eye is numb because your eye will not produce tears if it does not sense the need for them. Hopefully, he is giving this instruction to others having this procedure. (I gave him a suggestion on aftercare notes for prospective patients).

Both are competent physicians, with the above caveat for Dr. McCormack.