Estimated Cost in US dollars for MVD

Hi everyone. I am currently feeling well with my 500mg of Tegretol but longer term may have to consider other options. I have a feeling to get the doctor that I want for MVD I would have to leave my insurance network and the cost of surgery would be out of pocket. Can anyone give me a very rough estimate of what this surgery would cost if insurance does not pay for it? Many thanks and I know that your estimates will depend on a lot of factors but I wanted to have just an idea! Many thanks. Tina

Mine was 50k…for the best…I don’t know what the range is here!

Thanks KC! Better start saving my pennies!! :)

I had NO insurance for 11 years. None - Zip ---

Then I fell in love, got TN, got Married and got insurance then MVD

--- life is funny - wasn't the way I planned for it!

Life never seems to follow the "plan". But that is a GREAT story KC. Thanks for sharing! Big smiles, Tina