Living With Facial Pain


I know that an aggressive endoscopy triggered my bilateral GPN. It took two more to draw that conclusion of which my neurologist agrees. I’ve Barrett’s esophagus, hence the need for endoscopies. I’ve been in remission for three years but now face another endoscopy to monitor the Barrett’s. My doc thinks that using a pediatric scope AND general anesthesia instead of twilight “should” prevent flare up since the nerves will then be “shut down”. Anyone heard this? I’m so very scared…

I am sorry I don’t have any advice but sending prayers.

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Keep doing research. Neurological disorders are a strange animal for sure. I’ve never heard of this before, but hope you find a path to relief.

Peds scope is less than half the size of a regular one so there should be much less possible aggravation of nerves…do NOT skip the check up!..I’m sure you know the risk of cancer, it’s deadly and it killed my husband, you MUST be scoped!

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