Endoscopy, "keyhole" MVD

Has anyone heard of this, had it done, or known someone who has? Or know locations where it is done? My TN 1 has returned with vengeance again, and have done lots of reading and research, and feel that MVD is going to be the way I go at some point. It sounds like when it is done endoscopically, it is more likely to be effective and have less chance of complications. Not sure if it is done here in Cincinnati, it is not discussed on the Mayfield clinic website. Cannot get into see my neurologist until August! So far from searching the Internet I have found LA, Orlando, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Appreciate anyone’s else’s information about this.

Search balloon rhizotomy. My 82 year old mother just had it in Indianapois by Dr. Troy Paynor. All went very well, she is only two days out from the surgery. No pain, just annoying numbness. No drooping either. Hoping for the numbness to disapate over time.