Emotional Stress Cause Immediate Numbness/Pain

Has anyone had the experience that if u got upset for any reason-crying -did u immediately feel numbness or pain on your face?

That happened to me yesterday while a family member was totally inappropriate while talking to me on the phone. I had to hang up on her!!! Of course the subject was TN and the steps I am taking to get help. Then I was thinking about my deceased mom. So it was just so emotional for me. I tried not to cry because I know it makes things worse, but this was the first time I actually had physical symptoms right away. Today I am feeling it a little bit.

Just wondering if anyone else experienced this or am I just weird? LOL

hey ,if you are weird then so am I

If I get upset or cry ,the pain is so much worse in my face and my gums throb .

concerning your family member ,I decided I can't waste my energy on people like that ,family or not .

this is a really hard battle and we just need people who are on our side and make some effort to understand .

A family member once said to me her husband (my husband's brother) wouldn't let her suffer like that .!

I also find the meds made me more emotional ,and round and round we go !

Sometimes it's hard not to cry ,hope things get better for you ,sending love x

Hi Lynda

Yes you are right, I have to stay away from my "step mom" and my father. Sad but true.

Yes, and the meds, I don't know if it's helping or not. I am on tegretol 400 mg and things have gotten worse-doc says to stay on it....see him next week. Don't get it.

Frustrated and scared.


My symptoms also get much worse with stress. I've often wondered if it's "all in my head" so it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who experiences this. It's so very frustrating because my job is very stressful, as is being in constant pain. :(

yes it is good to know others experience similar things. I am convinced TN turned on from high amounts of stress and I don't have MS and a tumor or whatever the dr's want to rule out. So frustrating, yes it is. So is finding a good drug to help with the pain : (

I have my stabbing pains whether or not I am stressed, however there is one family situation that definitely causes an increase in frequency. So yes, I am convinced that stress can play a role. I think a good rule of thumb is to avoid negative people and situations as much as you can.

I have been dealing with that "symptom"since this whole thing started… I have questioned the whole thing in my head since Dec. I’m feeling alone right now…like NO ONE around me gets it…

It's been well researched that stress causes changes in your system, such as increased blood pressure and it is said that if the stress is of emotional nautre (depression, or "just" feeling sad, crying...) we perceive our physical pain as more intense than we'd have under normal circumstances. I read an article recently about stress and its effect on our body, among other it said that even people with healthy teeth experience tooth pain at times of great stress - they clench, grind their teeth, the muscles around the mouth tighten and here comes the pain.

I don't know about you but when I cry my face is as red as a tomatoe and the whole of my head feels really hot - probably due to increased blood flow (Im guessing here) which then leads to increased pressure on the nerves. I'm trying to stay away from people who give me stress and try to avoid stressful situations when I can. I'm note sure about this but sometimes when I have a good day and I laugh a lot and I experince "good" stress, for example I'm very excited about something, I then experience pain the next day as if to remind me that I should just stay emotionally neutral without going to either extreme.

That's exactly how I feel, whenI get stressed out, or I worried, or cry, even when I laugh and my moth stretches past a certain point! When I'm getting the pain on my face it gets red, I just noticed that yesterday, I don't know if it was because I started crying when I got the pain, or because of the pain or because the pain makes me so angry, or both. Especially when it catches me off guard. I think I found the combination of meds, that would help me sleep a little better. I've been on Trileptal 150 mg by itself for a while, but is not working lately. So the Dr. prescribed 10-20 mg of baclofen before I got to bed. Last night I took a combination of both at 8 or 9 pm, which is when the pain starts getting really bad every night (10 mg. of baclofen and 150 Trileptal), at 1:30 am before I finally went to bed, woke up with pain at 3:30 am, took another combination of both, and at around 5:30 or 6 am, woke up with pain again and took another combination of both. When I finally got up at 9:30 I did not have the pain as bad, was able to eat break fast, I'm was getting ready to go to church, but it's too hot outside and heat makes the pain start up, I can't go. May God have mercy on us.

Linda, don't pay attention to your step mom, you know most step moms are not very nice most of the time to their step children!!

I completely understand NPAIN. No one understands but the people who have it like us. I was looking at your profile and we started with symptoms the same time. I have lost friends and family over this and I also have hyperacusis which is extreme sensitivity to sound. both are extremely debilitating. When one starts to feel better another does not. I am so frustrated and upset I cannot begin to tell u. Tired of being inside my apt by myself. I have one true friend that has been an angel. I go to her house even when she's not there to get out of my four walls. She does my shopping for me and tries her best to give me tasks to keep me busy. If it wasn't for her I am not sure if I'd be on this earth. But we all have each other, right? I love this site. I have met so many awesome people in as little as a week. Keep in touch. Going to friend you.


NPAIN said:

I have been dealing with that "symptom"since this whole thing started.... I have questioned the whole thing in my head since Dec. I'm feeling alone right now...like NO ONE around me gets it....

What meds R U on NPain? I saw u were on Tegretol. R U still on it? I am on 400 MG's not working totally. My Neuro also did not give me pain meds-I asked my family dr and she gave me tylenol with codeine. The biggest pain right now is my scalp hard time laying my head back...horrible.

NPAIN said:

I have been dealing with that "symptom"since this whole thing started.... I have questioned the whole thing in my head since Dec. I'm feeling alone right now...like NO ONE around me gets it....

Marla I’m going to message you :slight_smile:

I always get pain when under a lot of stress. When I try and explain it to people, I feel like they think I'm trying to get out of dealing with things...so frustrating!