Electronic telephones

I'm new to all this but finding it interesting.

I get eye pain when I use electronic phones - don't think it happens on our old model bedroom telephone. Does anyone else have this problem. Does this mean my 3 hour flights in a week's time are going to be a problem.

I'm sorry, but I don't make the connection between electronic phones and three-hour flights. Otherwise, I've never heard of a TN patient having a problem specifically with a wireless phone that they didn't have with any other type. Some people have pain triggers from anything that touches their ears or from speaking itself, but I don't think this is what you had in mind.

Expand your thought, please?

I have heard that flying can be painful and wondered if it was because of the electronics surrounding us. The fact that a telephone can start something off made me put the two together.

Flying can cause problems for TN patients because of barometric changes. But I haven't seen any evidence that the electronics environment plays in that story. If it did, then I'd expect people in the computer profession to have an unusually high proportion of break through pain. And I haven't seen that either...

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Many years ago I asked you the same question, and many long flights later I can say I have had no pain while aloft. Telephones were another issue. Both landline and mobile phones could spark bad TN. All the usual TN triggers worked too. At the end of November 1918 I underwent the balloon compression procedure. The facial pain has gone (but forever?) but I still have wide spread facial numbness and a numb eyeball. Was the procedure worthwhile? Too early to tell but now in my 81st year nature might intervene.

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No trouble flying - some 23 hour flights included - Red’s answer to my query years ago was the same as his answer to you.