Eight Years Eleven Months

…after falling ill with GPN, I have finally had MVD which was an instant success. I realise it’s early days and I’m still recovering from the operation (four weeks on) but I have to ask myself, WHY didn’t I have this done years ago?

Don’t feel bad, I waited11 yrs. I did try Gamma knife first and wish I hadn’t. Now I have a thesis dolorosa. Which is worse. Surgeon took care of the ten.

Sorry that was anathesia dolorosa

2019 I had a horrible dentist bring on TN. The whole right side was on FIRE and it felt like someone had a magnet trying to pull my teeth out. February 2020 I had Gamma it worked wonders for a little over a year. April of 2021, the right side started feeling it was frozen so the end of April I had MVD. The ABSOLUTE WORST IDEA I’ve ever had in my life!!! I’m worse off now than I was before!!! I didnt know I would be closed up with a Titanium plate, I just happen to discover it on my own. I had a “dead zone” from the front of my hairline to the end of my ear and about an inch up, where I have no feeling.

The Tragus part of my ear is numb to the touch but makes ny whole kind of vibrate. I’ve had brain scans, electrode treatments for 6 or 8 weeks. Above the dead zone from time to time I’ve had intense itching but it feels like it’s under the skin I can never satisfy the itch. I have the sensation of my eye being recessed in the socket and pulled open while it looks half closed. I have the senation of my teeth, lips, gums, under/above my lips are intensely frigid cold off/on through out the day. Talking, chewing, eating, swallowing…life makes my face hurt!

I can’t stand the touch of sheets, clothes or towels touching the right side. Heaven HELP if there’s a light or hard breeze outside! I have a pain management doctor, on my 2nd Neurologist and passed on to a 2nd surgeon. I refuse to have another operation and not happy thinking of another Gamma Knife. I ONLY went with the MVD because all of the literature said it could last up to 5 years. I sat at home destraught for seven months.

I hate taking pills!! I’m a lightweight for narcotics. Currently on Pregabalin, 2 different doses of Trileptal, and a low dose of Hydro. I nor the doctor’s know what else to. I found a show on Prime called Heal, I’m not finished with it but I like what it has to say about our bodies being a natural healing machine. A high school friend often told me I had Stinking Thinking. I definitely have had that for seven months! My emotions have ran a marathon! Also, you are what you eat. Junk in junk out. I’m taking notes and keeping an open mind to other options aside from traditional medicine.

I learned a lot and been scared to death from others stories on here. Not sure if my story can help anyone…stay safe and blessed!