I have had a flare up and i cant eat and im feeling week. I desperately needing advice on the best protien shakes or anything to make this time easier. Any suggestions?

You're not the first one, you poor thing. I know this has been covered on here a few times but I'll just give you my advice; yoghurt and smoothies.You can add a lot of yummy things into them! Good luck Erin.

Kale is perfect. Add Greek yogurt, bananas and berries and you won’t notice the kale flavor. Peanut butter is another good source of protein. I couldn’t do nuts, and I doubt you can either, so any dry protein added to fruits and yogurt will work. It gets boring, but you need the nutrients! Good luck!

I made cream of wheat very running for breakfast, you can kinda let it run done you throat with minimal effort. good .uck